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SPECIAL ***** $ 26.95 / DEAL

**If purchased individually – $ 33.95 per deal *

** SPECIAL $ 499.00 / CASE of 20 deals

$ 557.00 CASE/ 20 DEALS

20 deals/ case

Profit: $ 126.00 per deal

** The laws that determine the legality of these products change constantly. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine which products are legal in any given area.

Product Description

Quick Facts – the inside story

• Price per break open ticket – $1.00
• Playing for a top prize of $250.00
• Hold all break opens with Bingo BALL Numbers B1 –O75 for a chance at the top prize of $250.00
• There are 100 hold tickets per deal – 3 bingo BALL numbers each – these are premium tickets
• The caller will announce prior to the sale & actually playing the game how the winner will be decided by dabbing
• Blazing Balls can be played along with any double bingo or longer game. Average number of calls for a winner on Blazing Balls will be 24
• Sell all the tickets in the deal as fast as possible and award the top prize
• Create a buying frenzy by announcing to the crowd that the ticket is now for sale