What is an Event Game?

Also called ball games, last number or dab games

Bingo event games bridge the gap between bingo and Popp-Opens and are an excellent way to add excitement to your bingo game. A bingo event game is, for the most part, played in a very similar manner to a seal card game, and in areas where event tickets are not defined, can be played exactly like a seal game free spins uten innskudd.

Each individual bingo event ticket game has a predetermined ticket count, an ideal payout & profit, instant winning tickets and a series of hold tickets. The hold tickets in a bingo event in the game are traditionally Bingo Numbers B1-O75. These hold tickets are held for a larger prize that is paid out after all the tickets are sold – again similar to a seal game.

The main difference is that a bingo event game winner can be determined using the bingo flashboard, the last number called during a bingo game or by using the enclosed seal card. For example, if the event game has 75 hold tickets numbered B1-O75 (one number per ticket), and while playing a regular bingo game the number B5 is the last number called, then the event winner would be the holder of the ticket with B5 printed on it. The operator would simply sell all the tickets in the event game, announce in which bingo game the event game will be played and announce how the event winner will be determined. Click here to learn more.

There are several different styles of Event tickets and this is why they offer so much added excitement to your game

Event or last number called games:

The holder of the ticket containing the last number called in the designated bingo event game wins.

Dab Games:

Event tickets with more than one bingo number on a ticket, and the winner is the player who dabs all the numbers on their ticket during the designated bingo game.

Line or horse race games:

Event tickets containing the same number combinations as the down-lines on a flashboard, ex.B1,I-16,N31,G46,O61. The event winner would be the holder of the ticket with the first down-line completed in the designated bingo game.

Event games have several advantages that make them attractive to operators:

  • Smaller ticket counts (usually between 200-1900 tickets) mean faster ticket sales & game turns.
  • The event winner is not paid out until the entire deal is sold.
  • Multiple sign-ups give more players an opportunity to win the large end-of-game prize.
  • Player excitement builds until the moment when the end-of-game winner is announced.
  • Combines the excitement of pull tabs & BINGO together.