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Bingo Balls – colored

SKU: 3014-S43

This table tennis sized bingo ball features inside print and coating so that it lasts longer than your standard coated ball when used in a blower. They have 1 sided print with crisp, clear blue numbers on a white background with red circle and 5 colors.

All balls manufactured to weigh between 2.10 and 2.40 grams per ball.

Packaged in a nice window display box.

Why You Need This

  1. Numbers do not wear off because they are printed on the inside of the ball.
  2. You want a coated ball you can use in your bingo blower.
  3. You want an easy to read single number ball.


Sub Category: Bingo Balls 75 Number Color: Assorted
Size: 38MM Type: 1 Side Print
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