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Bingo Balls – colored - 6 SIDED

SKU: 3006

  • CONSTRUCTION: These precision professional-grade ping pong bingo balls are made with durable ABS plastic material, measuring 1.5 inches (38 mm) in diameter. They will not shrink or expand with temperate changes. Finished with a beautiful surface gloss that shines and protects.
  • DESIGN: Each multi-tone bingo ball in this set is vividly colored, ensuring clear reproduction on TVs and monitors during the bingo game. Lightweight and smooth, the bold and bright colors of the bingo balls enhance user visibility and add interest and excitement to any bingo game.
  • 6 SIDED BALLS: These 5-color numbered ping pong balls are printed on 6 sides with crisp black numbering on a white circle background. This bingo set includes 75 ping pong bingo balls numbered from B1-B15 (blue), I16-I30 (red), N31-N45 (white), G46-G59 (green), O61-O75 (yellow).
  • APPLICATION: These bingo balls are 38 mm diameter and perfectly designed for electronic bingo equipment and large manual bingo cages. With these bingo calling balls, you can enjoy a professional-quality gaming experience in the comfort of your own home or at a bingo event.
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